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From start-up to wind-up, we provide your company with sound legal services during every stage of its life. Autry Legal PLLC of Fayetteville, North Carolina, offers commercial and business law assistance to companies in all industries in an virtually all forms.  We represent businesses typically on an ongoing relationship. Retainers are available to secure future availability and priority attention. 

Business Formation, Amendments, Buy-Outs, Shareholder & LLC Member Agreements, Counsel on the Law and Your and/or Your Company's Options!

Start your business off on the right foot. Our attorneys assist in the formation of the following business structures:

• LLCs
• S-Corps
• Corporations
• Partnerships

• Joint Ventures
• Sole Proprietors


Why Hire an Attorney When Forming Your Business or Company?

NC Courts will PIERCE THE CORPORATE VEIL of improperly formed or maintained limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, and non-profits. 

The following circumstances may easily open you up to personal  liability for the debts and obligations of the (limited liability) entity, even if you did not sign or guarantee a debt or obligation in your individual (personal) capacity:

1.   Un-capitalized and Under-capitalized

2.   Ignorance of Entity Structure and Formalities 

3.   Failure to Have and Maintain Corporate Books 

If your limited liability company or corporation is sued, our state courts will ignore the company's limited liability status, and will hold the member(s) or shareholder(s) personally liable.  Most , whether LLC, corporation, non-profit, limited parternship and others, It's too late once you have been sued.  Call today and schedule an appointment for a review of your company's books and legal records.  It's a small price to pay! 

Contact us today for top-shelf legal services in all areas of business and commercial law. 

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